Student Information System

Student Information System

Student Information System is a web based open source software. Its for the education learning business. It helps to manage multiple branches and the sensitive information that co-relates between them.

This is an Open Source Student Information System that can be further customized accordingly. Best fit for any institute that runs technical courses for example a Computer Institute running software and hardware classes. Besides either have or is planning to have multiple branches at different locations. With a little bit of modifications it can also fit into other similar coaching, tuition and education learning business. Using this Student Information System Software you can create Multiple Branches, Multiple Users, their Roles and Profiles. This option allows you to define the User responsibilities into each such branch including the Head Office. The hierarchy level streamlining gives you the power to be in total control over your business activities.

This Open Source Software can also be scaled up involving different integration like email marketing tool to sell, cross sell multiple products/courses to your existing student list. We can also integrate the more robust and powerful Asterisk Call Center Solution for a more enterprise call center experience if you have a back office team to manage incoming calls.

Moreover the system even has a basic facility of a call center software inbuilt. This facility can be used by your back office call center team or your counselors from each branch who manage the incoming inquiries over phone calls and also leads coming through your website. While the website leads will be auto pulled into the Student Information System the incoming calls can be registered manually into the system while on the phone just as in a call center. Once the leads are inside the system they can then be pushed to or retained into the branch where they fit.

It does not confine here. The possibilities are endless. Open Source gives the freedom and ability to customize it further or just limit it to some necessary functions and wipe out the rest. Secondly the possibility of integration with almost any other 3rd party software having an API makes makes this a perfect bundled choice for your ideal business.