Free Open Source Call Center Software

Free Open Source Call Center Software named Asterisk

Free Open Source Call Center Software known as Asterisk is a telephony Call Center Software solution usually used in conjunction with a CRM to automate sales, support and marketing automation needs of business of all sizes. Speaking in a non technical language it simply allows your customers to leave a message for your staff to retrieve and support your clients issues, choose menus using their phones to reach out to the intended departments or required information by just pressing numbers with a voice support guiding them in the back ground. It further helps your staff to directly call the customers from within the application by just clicking on their numbers existing there besides also letting your organization know and control how random or how accurate the calls are being handled.

Below is a list of CRM Softwares both Free Open Source and Licensed which can be integrated with Asterisk to create a perfect Free Open Source Call Center Software CRM but before that you need to have a CRM in place. Do you have one? If not we can customize one that fits your exact requirements:

List of Free Open Source CRM Softwares that can be used to integrate with Asterisk to form Free Asterisk Call Center Software
Vtiger Call Center

Few examples of Licensed Open Source CRM Softwares that can be again used to develop Asterisk Call Center Software for your business :
Salesforce CRM
Zoho CRM
MS Dynamics CRM
Oracle CRM

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