Housekeeping Software Features

Housekeeping Software Features

Our Housekeeping Software has its own unique CRM Software features to make it different and special from any other softwares available in the market.

Maid Service Business, Housekeeping Software Features

housekeeping features

1] Housekeeping Software Features to manage all your customers, their contact information, housekeeping services rendered to them in the past and present.

2] Manage differential industry clients ranging from individual House Owners, Offices, Hospitals, Factories etc. on a per hour, per day, half day or any other combination.

3] Two Access Levels gives both the admin(can be the owner) and the users(maids) the ability to manage the housekeeping software and the resource available with different user access rights and limit control.

4] Create Service Contracts for every customer with the ability to output single or multiple service contracts thus making policies, monetary values safe and crystal clear.

5] Administer on the move. Since its web based which means you can access it from anywhere in the world and can manage your business while holidaying or at home.

6] Check entire software activity into graphical representation on the Dashboard and more

By using all the Housekeeping Software Features your business will work for its self.