Auto Repair Shop Software Features

Auto Repair Shop Software Features

Our Open Source Auto Repair Shop Software is unique and includes CRM Software features which make it different and feature rich from any other CRM softwares available in the market.

Car Wash Manager, Auto Repair Shop Software Features


1] You can maintain all your customers, their contact information and their past history with your company.

2] You can maintain your business inventory with their stock, pricing, demand and supply etc. details.

3] All your services such as vehicle servicing, vehicle wash, vehicle spa, vehicle maintenance etc. can be maintained and listed here to select from to match your customer’s requirement.

4] All the future and pending service requests can be put together in service due so you can take care of those requests accordingly.

5] This Open Source Auto Repair Shop Software gives you the facility to categorize all the tasks separately to avoid any kind of confusion or mismanagement.

6] It allows you to put all the new servicing requests under the Technician tab so that you can handle each inquiry accordingly. As well you can assign each servicing job to the available technician.

7] In this Open Source Auto Repair Shop Software you can set all your alerts, reminders, and all time related tasks so that you can attend all of them on time and can satisfy your customers by giving them prompt service which they will always appreciate and they will never think to go to any other service provider.