Custom CRM Software Development Company

CRM Software Development just made easy without the need of a software developer. Each business is unique and so is yours.  So a generic CRM / ERP wont help automate your business in a way you so wish to. Therefore subscribe by clicking on the link which says ‘Installing Software’ in the next paragraph to our Web Based CRM or a Web Based ERP. Starting at a USD20/month you can pick and use our hosted free and open source CRM software or ERP software. These softwares have most of the advanced features of CRM and ERP that you will find with any of the competitors out there. You can further develop it to get your very own Custom CRM Software or a Custom ERP Software to fit your unique business needs all by yourself. Without the help of a developer. If you wish to develop a very complex Custom CRM Software or Custom ERP Software, only then you will need to hire us. Thus save on cost and frustrations while maintaining quality.

Do you have a tight budget? No need to invest time on a CRM implementation cost breakdown

To save on cost you need not hire an ERP / CRM Development company to develop a low cost and yet an enterprise Custom CRM / ERP Solution. Right at the inception of a thought about getting a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software or an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software for your business you can try customizing it on your own without programming knowledge. Simply use our Demo or subscribe and get your own Vtiger CRM Or Odoo (previously OpenERP) instance at the page Installing Software and follow our easy to use Admin Settings and How to Use Guide to customize the basic structure of the Customer Relationship Management Software or the Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Once done then you can opt for our ERP / CRM Developer to do the rest.  This is the best way to keep the ERP / CRM Software Development process cost effective as your initiative decreases the time consumed by the developer team in analyzing the entire project from scratch and at the same time reduces the chances of assumed over quoting for the customized CRM Software Development or ERP Software Development. Yes – If you outsource, we will involve a professional developer to develop a Custom CRM program or Custom ERP program for you. It can be a Vtiger Developer, SugarCRM Developer, Odoo Developer(previously OpenERP) or any other open source developer just in case if you wish to go with other open source software. We will help you think, decide and then design a CRM / ERP that serves your customized CRM / ERP requirements.

Get total control, customize and develop! Free Open Source CRM / ERP to suit your business needs. In most cases without hiring a CRM Software Developer or ERP Developer at all. We also have ready to use industry specific, further customizable Auto Repair Shop Software for Auto Repair Shop and Car Wash Service Center, Fund Manager Software for Capital Investment Partners Asset Management Finance, Event Management Software for those into events and Housekeeping Software for entrepreneurs from the house keeping industry. Chat with us if you belong to any other industry and most probably we might have a software that fits your business as not all softwares have been put up on the website for live demonstration. Once we hear from you we will be glad to set up the one which matches your requirements and industry.

Advantages of Open Source Software and why choose Free Open Source CRM / ERP?

Customer Relationship Management Software –

Also known as CRM Software. Generally its believed that its customization, development and programming is a big task and can be done only by CRM developers and programmers of high ratings but it isn’t true anymore. If you are running a small or mid-size business You can do it all by yourself. Just choose any Free Open Source CRM / ERP we have listed below in the last paragraph and you will win half the battle.  They are the right fit since they are 100% Free and Open Source CRM / ERP.

Advantages for Small and Mid-Size Businesses –

When you choose Free and Open Source CRM or ERP you are securing your business data as its always with you as compared to when you go with software that is licensed. Imagine you have 30 Users and you are paying for their license around USD20/User/month. This totals to USD600/month but suddenly for some reason you wish to discontinue using the license software. You will be at a loss in figuring out what steps you should take in order to use the existing data which is directly related to the feature functions from the licensed software without which the exported data is of no use. But when you opt for free and opensource you can export the data as well as you can take the entire CRM back up onto your local machine and keep it for future use with all its existing function.

ERP / CRM Software Development and Integration –

Once you customized the CRM / ERP on your own you can then approach us to do the critical Custom CRM Software development or ERP Software development involving further complex and critical customization / integration with other applications by hiring us. Thereby saving on the project cost and time. So no need for an ERP or CRM developer before even you try your very own ERP / CRM Software.

CRM / ERP Branding to your company name –

Branding is possible because what we distribute/customize is Free Open Source CRM / ERP – Among the top two CRMs, we recommend Vtiger CRM over SugarCRM. Vtiger CRM too is Free Open Source just like SugarCRM but its Open Source version has an edge over the latter. Whether you choose to develop over Vtiger CRM or SugarCRM our experienced Vtiger Developer or SugarCRM developer will make your software almost 100% branded to your company logo and theme. In the ERP segment there is only OpenERP(now Odoo) which is reliable and at the same time comes free and open source.

Flexibility to match your exact custom requirements –

One of the biggest Advantages of Open Source Software is that its 100% yours to customize it as per your wish. You can completely custom make it without any one stopping you as you have full access to the entire code. When your developer works on a licensed software you choose. He will often come across issues during the development process to customize its code to match your exact requirements.

This happens because all the companies who are into selling licensed softwares will never give access to their complete source code library. If they do that then they are actually giving an exact copy of their software which can be misused by the developer to become their competitor. Thus, this restricts the developers to give a satisfactory result to their clients. Here is where free and open source software is totally different.

Free and open source software being completely open and free gives the developer a free hand to go anywhere into the code and deliver what is being asked. Thus, making the client happy and safe.