How to Use HouseKeeping Software

How to Use HouseKeeping Software:

How to Use our Housekeeping Software & its modules? Purpose & Objectives? Housekeeping Managers and Housekeeping Management companies use our Housekeeping Software CRM to manage large number of maid, clients registered for housekeeping services and the resources used in the process.

1] Customers

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Go to Customers Tab on the main menu bar – here you can create a customer entry and can assigned it to desired resource.

2] Services

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Go to Services and here you can create all your services for example: house cleaning, office cleaning, factory cleaning, cleaning service for party, cleaning service for a wedding etc. and can assign them to your desired resources

3] Service Contracts

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You can create new Service Contracts whenever you have a new service to deliver to your customer. While creating new Service Contract select a customer in Related to Customer, means X particular service contract is related to Y particular customer. And also select assigned to Resource User to assign this service contract to a specific resource and click on save. Now you will be on the detail view page of this newly saved service contract. Here at your right hand side you will find an option to export this service contract to pdf and save it on your desktop.

4] Co-relation – There will be a co-relation between a Customer, his selected Service and the Service Contract.  Example: If there’s an enquiry from a new Customer for a housemaid, in this case you need to go to Customers and create a new Customer entry and save it. After saving this new entry you will be on the detail view page of that newly added customer. You then need to scroll down the page and reach to the Services tab. Click on the triangle icon located near Services tab. Then at the extreme right hand side you will find a button Select Services. Here you can select a Service for which this new client has inquired. You then need to go the Service Contract Tab on the main menu bar situated on top of the page – here you can create a new service contract for this newly added customer and in related to customer select this newly added customer. This way the customer will be related to its selected service and his service contract. Now if you will again go to Customers main tab and click on this newly added customer, on his detail view page you will find the service/services related to him as well service contract/service contracts related to him.

5] Invoice

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You can here create an invoice for a service rendered to a customer. You can select a customer in Customer Name field to associate this invoice to that particular customer. You can then fill up other required and necessary details and then click on Add Service and add the service/services rendered to this customer, quantity, rate, due date and then can click on the save button. Once on the detail view page of that invoice, at your right hand side you will find an option to Export to PDF. Clicking on it you can download the invoice and save it on your desktop.

6] Calendar – Click on the calendar tab on main menu bar and you will find the Add button. On its mouse over you will find a drop down. Click on the Call option. A pop will show up where you can fill up all your desired details with Assigned to user(resource), date, time slot, address, payment and other necessary detail. After this click on the Related to tab at the bottom of the pop up. Select Customer from the Related To drop down then click on the select button. You can then select a customer for whom you are creating this event reminder. Now click on the Invite tab and select user or users (resources) to invite them for this even. Then click on the Reminder tab and set reminders as per your requirement. Then click on repeat and set the repeat reminders as per your requirement. Click save.

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Now on the calendar if you go to the date for which you have just created an event by clicking on the right arrow button you will see the newly created event in your defined time slot. It means in the above pop up if you select Morning time slot then your event will show on the calendar for 07:00am to 11:00am time slot. If you select Afternoon then your event will show on the calendar for 01:00pm to 05:00pm time slot and if you select Evening then your event will show up on the calendar for 07:00pm to 09:00pm time slot.

On calendar in this orange color event box you can see Timing of the event and Subject of the event. Clicking on it you can go on the detail view of that event page, assigned to resource name, address of the event and the payment details.

7] When using Calendar parallel to Add button and to the right, you will notice ‘View:___of:___’ . You can use these drop downs to select All to see all the events assigned to all the users/resources and similarly individually selecting their names will lead you to see events related to that specific selected user/resource.