CRM Add Ons

CRM Add Ons

We have classified CRM Add Ons in two parts:

Integrations and Plugins, because both serve different purposes and to understand them you can check our listed examples of few integrations and plugins that might serve your purpose of expanding your customized free open source crm software to a more feature rich user friendly software that meets today’s business dynamics.

CRM Add Ons that add value

We have been successfully custom developing CRM Add Ons for all our clients coming from all over the world. These were between web based softwares or a mix of desktop based softwares and web based softwares. With the advent of Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning, integrations and plugins have and will continue to be part of every business that wishes to give its employee and customers a seamless user friendly experience.

CRM Add Ons can be developed for any CRM. If your requirement is integrating some other 3rd party software not mentioned here or custom developing a new plugin all together then kindly let us know about it by filling out the form at Request a Quote and we will get back to you with our comments shortly.