Integrating Vtiger with OpenCart

Integrating Vtiger with OpenCart eCommerce Solution

Vtiger and OpenCart integration is sought after by companies who need CRM features in addition to just features which are limited to an eCommerce script.

Vtiger OpenCart Integration

vtiger opencart integration

While its a good idea to get your OpenCart integrated with Vtiger since Vtiger is a robust, free and Open Source CRM but all this comes with a price. First of all it will require a VPS or a Dedicated Server to maintain the complex development. No, a shared hosting account is not recommended as the hosting service provider might just back off from providing you the expected custom environment on his server where he is managing hundreds of other sites just as yours. Besides we charge USD1500 to map about any four modules between Vtiger and OpenCart.

Vtiger OpenCart Integration

vtiger opencart integration

Oh, yes and please dont ask us for a demo of one such integration as we are a company doing custom jobs and you are here to get one such job done from us. So a demo has never served any purpose in custom requirement as its not our product but a service. Neither it makes sense to maintain a demo when there are hundreds of such free open sources with just as many more versions released every year for each of them.

The objective for sync between OpenCart and Vtiger is to enable a one-way synchronization from Opencart to vtiger for Contacts, Customers, Product Categories, Products, Manufacturer Categories, Stock Status, Invoice/ Sales Order, Void Invoice.

Compatible version:

OpenCart – 1.5.1.x / 1.5.2.x / 1.5.3.x / 1.5.4.x / 1.5.5.x / 1.5.6.x / / / / / / / / / / / /

Vtiger CRM– 5.4.x / 6.x / 7.x

Server Environment:

– PHP Versions 5.2.x / 5.3.x / 5.4.x / 5.5.x / 5.6.x / 7.0.x
– MySQL Database
– PHP mbstring & PHP Curl
– ioncube PHP Loader with least version 4.0.9 and above

The functionalities can cover the following but totally depends on your requirement:

1) Customers Contact Sync 8) Sales Order/Invoice Sync
2) Customers Account Sync 9) Multi-currency Support Sync
3) Currency Sync 10) Coupon Discount Sync
4) Products Category Sync 11) Product Attribute Support (Custom Field)
5) Manufacturer Category Sync 12) Gift Voucher Sync
6) Products Sync 13) Weight Class Sync
7) Price Sync 14) Invoice Status Sync

Parameters flow Sync

1) Quotation Statuses
2) Sales Invoice Statuses
3) Sales Orders Statuses
4) GL Account
5) Purchase Orders Statuses
6) User Role

So if your requirement is clear and you have what it takes as put up above then you are at the right place. Simply place an order with us by sending us the modules you wish us to map or integrate between Vtiger and OpenCart and we will get it done in about 15 working days.