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Fund Manager Software Settings

Fund management using Fund Manager Software Settings to set your Fund Management CRM to manage thousands of capital investment partners in your capital asset management business.

Settings –

1] Login to the Fund Management CRM Software as an Admin

Fund Management


2] Then go to Fund Management CRM Software Settings

Fund Management


3] On this page you will see different settings options to manage your software

a] User & Access Management

Fund Management


b] Studio Management

Fund Management


c] Communication Templates Management

Fund Management


d] Other CRM Software Management Settings

Fund Management


e] All Settings at one place. Including those which can be used for future customization.

We have kept extensive features during the development process. The list to manage these settings can be found below. It will serve very important to anybody who would like to have few more settings added to their Fund Management Software CRM to make it more unique to suit their capital asset management business with multiple capital investment partners. Therefore we have added a documentation that includes each and every setting within. It will give you an over all idea of how to manage the current CRM System.  It will help you to visualize further customizations in the direction to expand your other necessary requirements. As each business is unique we are always happy to serve our clients with customization request that will allow them to make maximum returns on their software use. The document below will explain you that how you can manage your Fund Manager Software to make it work for you in a best and most efficient way.

Find more about Fund Management CRM Software Settings and how to implement it as per your requirements into your capital asset management business to manage multiple capital investment partners.