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There are many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions in the market but we have developed specifically for the events industry. Our Open Source Event Management Software for the events business maintains more than just an account listing with contact information; view a customer’s past events, order history, and payments. Save your staff the time and frustration of accessing multiple systems when trying to make the sale; place all the information they need at their fingertips so they can concentrate on doing their jobs and not on logging into multiple systems.

CRM for Event Management, Event Management Software

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Open Source Event Management Software itself means that you can get it customized further to fit your exact requirement. So if you go with it you are not limited to the features it currently has but can scale it up to whatever you might just dream of.

A Complete Web Based Event Management Software for sales process.

Simplify the sales process for your staff and for your clients by integrating your CRM and sales system into your event management system. Communication between potential clients and existing clients are all maintained in one central location where anyone on your staff, with the proper access, can quickly catch up on what is happening with an account. Always have a handle on upcoming sales with opportunities while also tracking the clients’ needs throughout the process. Events quickly and efficiently move from a salesperson to the event coordinator without anyone ever having to re key information or contact the client for information they may have already provided but had been lost in the transfer process.

Additional Features & Benefits of CRM for Event Management:

Document & File Management – Save time browsing hard drives, network drives, or email inboxes looking for customer files and documents. Maintain all your customer and internal files, from emails to videos, directly in your CRM software so your entire team is always on the same page.

Reminders – Ensure everything stays on track with unlimited reminders per customer or opportunity. Send reminders via email or within the software so everyone can stay up to date on items needing to be completed for your customers.

Communication History – With a complete communication history for each client in one central location, your staff will always be aware of what is happening with a client when they call with questions about their event.

Opportunity Pipelines – Executives and managers can always be on top of what is coming down the sales pipeline with real-time information on when sales are expected to close, and the potential and probable amounts of business.

Sales & Opportunity Goals – Easily manage your sales goals from within the CRM Software. Drive your sales and service teams with sales, opportunity, or order goals. The seamless integration with our event management software will keep you up to speed with exactly how everyone is stacking up.

Order Processing – Centralize your ordering process so entering new event orders and accepting payments becomes as easy as possible. Drive up your revenue with automatic up sell prompts during the order process to encourage your salespeople to offer additional add-on items!

A complete Sales, CRM, & Accounting events management software that can be use in small, mid-size as well as large even management companies. What more can be expected from an Open Source Event Management Software? You have it all.

Tightly integrating your financial software with your event management software provides visibility to your organization’s financials without having to use multiple systems or costly interfaces. Because your event management and financial systems all work together, you can gather and report on data directly related to your events and orders without the risk of errors re keying information from one system to another. Ensure more timely payments when your sales and events staff can view invoices and payments due while they are on the phone with customers. An integrated system gives you access to the critical information you need to drive sales, improve payment collection, and increase customer service levels.

Additional Features & Benefits that scale up the system to a Corporate Event Management Software:

Customer Credit Management – Have your accounting and sales departments work together to review and set credit limits for new customers. Flag customers for credit review and provide your sales and events teams with warnings when customers are going to exceed their credit limit.

Integration Between Collections & CRM – Instantly improve your payment collection process and customer service by keeping your accounting and sales department on the same page with a central communication location for emails, notes about phone calls, and conversations. Don’t lose that big deal because a collection is pursuing an account for a nominal amount!

Automatic Coding – Remove the re keying of account information from your sales system to your financials system by using one integrated solution. All customer information flows seamlessly from CRM system to the financial system.

Know Your Best Customers – Who is your best customer? Your most profitable one? When your financials, sales & CRM, and event management software are all talking, you can quickly determine who you should continue to sell to and who your sales team should avoid.

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