What is a CRM Software and how to use it

What is a CRM Software and how to use it?

Customer relationship management (CRM) or in simple words Business Leads or Clients Management Software is a custom automated software which is developed to help manage a company’s communications with their present customers and also those that may come in the future. It is a technical process which organizes, automates and synchronizes sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

But recent market developments show that CRM is now not just limited to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Technical Support but has gone much more beyond that. It’s being integrated with any and all the 3rd party in demand solutions that are associated with the other areas of the business like Accounting Systems, Cloud Storage Services, IVR Telephony, Human Resource Department and so on.

It all started with a Desktop application which has now evolved into cloud (Web Based) service. CRM in the cloud or web based CRM as many would call it has a better security level than that of CRMs that come as desktop only plan. Web based CRMs are managed by highly technical skilled executives who comprise of the server Data Center employees, the custom CRM providers and CRM Vendors. These are the people who keep the CRM System secure from hacking, virus attacks and other critical issues.

Vtiger CRM and SugarCRM are the best CRMs available in the Free Open Source CRM categories. We have a how to use Vtiger CRM User Guide and a live working Demo to help you replicate the instructions from the User Guide in it. After this you can let us know if you need any further customization in order to fit your exact business  needs.