Why Choose Us

Why CRMProgrammer?

Its but obvious for anybody in search for finding that perfect Customer Relation Management (CRM) software ask us a fundamental question – ‘What makes us different from other such providers?’

The truth is: You will hardly find much differentiation while comparing us all together- yes we all provide essentially the same thing. There might be few out there who might tell you that they are the best with more clients under their umbrella and many more years of experience, aren’t focused on the factors that can in reality display business results for customers. Besides by saying that does it mean our expertise and customer relationship isn’t first-rate or customer friendly? No, it merely means that the differences that will finally matter to your business goals don’t come under that heading. Here are 5 that do:

5 Ways CRMProgrammer is unique

why choose crmprogrammer.com

1. Customer Response

Presales and post sales customer response is the most important aspect which helps customers take the right decision. It saves the customer on costs, time and adds value as an out put in terms of quality. All our clients simply rate our executives as best in handling responses with personal care, promptness, and effectiveness. Each of our customers say that we have an excellent support system.

2. No obligation Expert Advice

We are sure nobody has the time to advice when in this commercial world its all about what the customer wants and what the company can do. We go a lot further than that. We patiently listen to each of our client without pushing for sales and then suggest them about the best, cost effective and time lined solution that will bring back value to every dollar spent and be assured we don’t count hours we spent on such discussions.

3. Overall Expertise

Our parent company J Morgan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. effectively owns and offers services and products from diverse industry domains like Web Site Development, Hosting, Selling Domain Name, Recruitment Services, Medical Tourism, Online Education, Online Real Estate Brokerage, Export and Import promotions, Ecommerce selling products so on and so forth. All these ventures in coordination with our existing clients have motivated and helped us to understand and to venture into CRMProgrammer.com which intends to provide the best IT tools like CRM to the smallest business out there to the larger ones and make them organized in a cost effective way.

4. Industry Specific Customization

Our Vtiger Developer assigned to your job knows that the success of any Customer Relationship Software has more to do with the Customization of the software than with the software itself. This ideology affects our product road map, motivating us to concentrate on features and product updates that make Customer Relationship Software productive.

5. Value

For the cost, being in India we are sure we have the most flexible, scalable, robust and cost effective solution in the worldwide market today. And by far have successfully succeeded in getting the expertise edge over the 5 principles of economics that help every business to be on the top of their competitors that is Location, Weather, Machine, Employees and Investment. Our clients make a huge savings by hiring us for their IT service needs and this is because when we work on cheaper cost we still make a modest profit because of the big exchange rate difference between India and the developed countries. India is one of the most sought after destination for IT outsourcing because it is known for producing large number of quality students in Information Technology and therefore we have ready access to cost effective employees.