Integrating Vtiger with Dropbox Files Storage

Integrating Vtiger with Free and Open Source Owncloud Files Storage / Dropbox File Storage

This integration system is a better option than Integrating Vtiger with DropBox Files Storage since Dropbox is a paid alternative to Free Open Source OwnCloud and therefore Owncloud quenches your CRM software automation and file sharing requirement thirst. Start your very own Dropbox file storage system type business by integrating OwnCloud with Vtiger CRM for USD2500. Sell unlimited accounts to your clients just like Dropbox Service or implement it within your company.

Often CRM Software clients face issues with sending and receiving many day to day files involving both small and large sizes. Sending them via email is very time consuming and frustrating too. While the sender has to go through the hassles of attaching the files and sending it, the receiver has to wait till he receives it in her email box. But when you integrated your CRM Software with Owncloud a free Open Source similar to Dropbox, you can be sure of getting rid of your daily file sharing issues. By using different access level permissions, the Vtiger integrated Owncloud users will only be able to login into the Owncloud user interface and not the Vtiger interface but at the other hand your company users having Vtiger account access coming from different departments can use their respective CRM Software login to switch between the two systems Vtiger and Owncloud without having to use the login credentials twice as the integration is a seamless integration. Means all Vtiger CRM users can use Owncloud from within the Vtiger CRM Software but the Owncloud users will not be able to use Vtiger as they don’t work for the company and they aren’t in any way related to the CRM activities.

Integrating vtiger with dropbox file storage

integrating vtiger with dropbox file storage

Some of the few things you can do in addition to CRM Software features with Vtiger Dropbox aka Vtiger Owncloud integration.

1] Save your important files, folders, calendars, photo/image galleries and more on any server. Access them through your mobile phone, desktop, or the web through a browser. Pull your data any time, any where, when ever you need it.

2] Similarly synchronize your contacts, important files and photo/image galleries, calendars with all your devices. Add unlimited number of folders till your cloud space it full and more – make the best use of file versioning by pulling up the most recent version of your files or the back dated ones just with a simple click.

3] Let others access your data securely and easily by simply creating a secondary log In with controlling the Read Only or File Sharing access permissions. Share it with the public, or privately only with the person to whom you wish to share it with. You own the data, do what ever you want with it.

4] Use the search feature not only to find files by name but also by the content. Scanning works at the background to ensure better user experience.

5] The logic for maintaining files is excellent with an algorithm intelligence that auto expires older version if the Dropbox quota is running out of space. This behavior maintains revisions every two seconds for the first ten seconds, every ten seconds for the next minute, every minute for the next one hour, every one hour for the next 24 hours and one revision per day until running out of space or quota.

6] Organizing contacts can be categorized in groups instead of address books making it more user friendly to manage Friends, Family, Business Contacts, Coworkers, etc.

7] Sharing your calendar makes it easy for you to keep your coworkers and others related to you connected and informed your activities and movements. Simply enable the Calendar Application, open the calendar, select share, and choose any single user, users or groups of your choice.

8] You can easily control your shared photo gallery. Specify the Owncloud Files Storage systems photo directories, sort the order, share all your galleries with any email address you wish, and control what they can share with others.

9] Open document format files can be read without downloading them. By enabling this Application you can click on any ODF formatted document (.odt, .ods, .odp,) and read it in your web browser without requiring to download it.

Explaining this further than the 9 points above – Every time you create a user in vtiger it will automatically create a same user in owncloud and these two will be accessible from within vtiger as vtiger acts as a parent instance and owncloud as a child. Moreover if you wish to go back to vtiger then you simply need to click on the back button present in owncloud and it will lead you to vtiger. All this back and forth movement is seamless with one click.

As mostly our clients expect that their vtiger crm users manage all their respective leads and contacts from within their individual accounts therefore the individual user has permissions to create sub folders for all their respective leads and contacts within their respective owncloud instance which is part of the vtiger integration.