How to Use Fund Manager Software

How to Use Fund Manager Software:

How to Use our Fund Manager Software & its modules? Purpose & Objectives? Brokers use to manage funds, portfolios and pipelines on behalf of corporate investors (also known as corporates who are listed companies)

Fund Manager Software

Fund Manager Software


  • · To help synchronizing the business activities scattered at different dimensions.
  • · To automate the business process
  • · To maintain two levels of users levels with single and multiple creation rights : – 1] Administrator Level 2] User Level


  • · To manage the flow of Funds and Portfolios between Clients (Investors) also known as corporates who are listed companies who can be both buyers and sellers.
  • · To record/maintain history of Clients (Investors) both buyers and sellers, their Funds and their Portfolios.

Log In / Log Out

  • · User can be provided with login details.
  • · System will authenticate the login details and user type(As per Roles and Profiles).
  • · If user is admin then after login admin panel will be displayed.

Admin Modules

  • · Admin can add/update/edit the users details.
  • · Maintain clients/companies, buyer/seller details.
  • · Set user privileges to restrict the users from performing unauthorized access.
  • · Admin can move/assign Investors/Funds/Pipelines to any user of his choice to handle that particular task. In other words such that users will able to add Investors/Funds/Pipeline/Portfolio details and it can then be managed by the admin and more.

How to Use Fund Manager Software Main Modules:

1] Investors:

Adding Corporate Groups you have with you as Investors with their contact details, doesn’t matter if they are Buyers or Sellers.

Fund Manager Software

2] Funds:

Adding all the Funds you have with you from your Investors(corporates who are listed companies) with their contact information related to that particular Fund for the records. Also while adding Funds one at a time, you must select the Investor Name to relate the particular Fund to a particular Investor. This action will enable the system to display all the Funds related to a single Investor under Investors > Investor Name > under Funds tab. Respectively you will also be able to see the Investor related to a single Fund under Funds > Fund Name > under Fund Information block. In other words you by doing so you will create a co-relation between 2 related necessities (Investors and Funds)


Fund Manager Software

3] Pipeline

When any deal is confirmed you need to add its detail in Pipeline. For Group field choose and select the Fund from the list for which the deal is confirmed as well in Buyer select the buyer’s name (Multiple buyer’s names can be added using picklist editor in admin account under settings option) who bought that particular Fund with its pricing, size, status and other details. Here, in the status drop down select PSA Pending and in Group select Fund 1 so when you go to Funds section and go to the Fund 1 listing’s detail view, under the Pipeline tab, you will see this particular listing but if you change the status from PSA Pending to any other in the main listing then it will not show under the Funds > Fund 1 > Pipeline Tab.

Go to Pipeline’s List View page to see the grand total of the size (amount) of the total Funds sold at the bottom of the list.

Fund Manager Software

4] Portfolio (Selling/Buying) 

In Portfolio you can manage the data like which Investor is willing to either buy or sell which fund and what is the Ask amount in case of selling of the Fund and what is the Bid amount in case of buying of the Fund.

These portfolio entries will be in co-relation with the selected Investors and Funds. It means while creating a new portfolio if you select Fund 1 and Investor 1 so in Fund 1 and Investor 1 listing’s detail view page you will find this Portfolio entry under the Portfolio/Selling/Buying tab.

Fund Manager Software

5] Calendar

Calendar module is used to see all the scheduled to do’s, meetings, tasks, appointments, calls etc. Using our CRM Software System Calendar you can add/set reminders for your appointments. You can set the system to alarm you about the appointment/service due in advance as per your convenience which means on the same day, 1 day prior, 1 hour prior to the appointment or something else. If any task has been assigned to you or other system users, the system will promptly display a reminder with a popup accordingly once logged in to the system using respective login credentials.

Fund Manager Software

6] Documents

Documents module displays the list of all the documents that are uploaded in the CRM Software. The documents can be grouped in different folders according to your specifications.  You can directly create documents by clicking on the available plus icon. You can also create documents by clicking on Add Document button in related records of modules like Leads, Opportunities, Organizations, Contacts etc.  You can configure the size of the file that can be uploaded by using Configuration Editor. It is set to 3 MB by default. The maximum upload size is 5 MB.  In the create view of the document, the check-box Active should be enabled for the users to download the file attached to the document.

Fund Manager Software

7] Comments

Comments is a great and useful module available and associated with Investors/Funds/Pipeline and Portfolio so that the employees/users can leave their comments related to each listing while handling their calls/transactions etc. It helps to pull related comment history which assist in making informed decisions and resolving client issues.

Example: If employee A is handling the Investor A and after few days employee A is not keeping well and therefore is absent from the office and now suppose employee B needs to handle the Investor A, without taking any help from employee A handling Investor A will be very difficult task for employee B but in such a situation when employee B pulls up the comments module, it gives him a clear idea about the Investor A and hence he can easily handle Investor A with great ease.

Fund Manager Software