Integrating Vtiger with Asterisk

Integrating Vtiger with Asterisk

The integration between Vtiger and Asterisk is a complete Call Center Software solution to help manage your existing customers and new sales leads. Hire us to integrate these two softwares to match any kind of business need, getting you a vtiger asterisk feature rich powerful user experience. Integration charges starting from USD1250

AsteriskĀ® is an open source PBXi, telephony engine and telephony applications toolkit which allows users to make and receive calls from software phones (softphones) using their computer. Integrating Vtiger with Asterisk will allow users to use vtiger to create calls and receive notifications on incoming calls using the Asterisk Call Manager API provided by Asterisk.

We use current programming methods that make the process incredibly simple and flexible so that we can trigger actions at any point within Asterisk and send the call information to VTiger at any point on any server or trigger calls from VTiger and initiate calls at any point does giving a vtiger asterisk combined experience.

Integrating Vtiger with Asterisk

Integrating Vtiger with Asterisk gives you following Features:

The following features are provided:

  1. Make calls by clicking on phone numbers (links) within vtiger.
  2. Provides notification within vtiger giving details of the caller when a call comes to the user. (Notification appears on the bottom right-corner of the screen.)
  3. View all past calls under PBX Manager module.
  4. Associates the call with the Contact/Organization/Lead record in Activity History section (In the More Information tab).
  5. Setup user extensions through My Preferences (Per user basis).

10 Steps to Integrate Vtiger with Asterisk:

  • Meet Requirements
  • Configuring Asterisk
  • Configuring Vtiger CRM
  • Setting User Extensions
  • Making Outgoing Calls
  • Receive Incoming Calls
  • Set Number Formats
  • Set Contexts
  • Call Records
  • Call History