Demo – Housekeeping Software

Maid Software Demo involving features of a complete Housekeeping Software.

Please access the Housekeeping Software Demo. It can also be used as a Maid Software to manage House Maids. Contact us on info at crmprogrammer dot com for any further support, customization or integrations.

Maid software

housekeeping software demo

Our Housekeeping Software which can also be used as a Maid Software can maintain all your Maids or Resources involved within your business to provide various housekeeping services. Maintaining House Maids schedules and the inventory used by each one of them was never so easy Just check the live demo of our Maid Software and decide it for your self. Its easy to use, robust, secure and straightforward Software. Contact us on info at crmprogrammer dot com immediately to get one for your business. Simply grow your business by staying focus on adding up large number of clients and easily assign maids and their roles to each one of them.

Unique business requires unique approach. You might want to customize it further deep to suit it more appropriately as your ideal Houskeeping Software or Maid Software in line with your Housekeeping Management business model. Let us know about it by just dropping in a line with your budget and wire-frames if any and we will be happy to discuss this further. Don’t have wire-frames? No worries. We can help you. Kindly check our Pricing Structure to know more.