Vtiger Plugins

Vtiger Plugins

Vtiger Plugins allow you to synchronize third party applications to interact with Vtiger Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks etc.

As we are continuously working hard to develop and add more plugins right now we have a great Vtiger MS Outlook plugin to synchronize Vtiger with those who use MS Outlook to manage emails, contacts, tasks & much more.

This page talks about plugins which many times are mistaken for integrations. Once you are through this page and its connecting page you can go through our integrations page where you will find information on integrations that’s beyond just a plugin.

Vtiger MS Outlook Plugin Product Features

  • Add customers-related outbound and inbound E-mails from Microsoft Outlook to Vtiger CRM
  • Edit E-mail message before adding to Vtiger CRM (if required)
  • Synchronize Microsoft? Outlook?contacts, tasks, and calendar with Vtiger CRM
  • Resolve conflicts (if any) while synchronizing the contacts, tasks, and calendar

Kindly check Integrating Vtiger with MS Outlook Plugin for better understanding. And to know the benefits you will get after integrating Vtiger with ms outlook plugin. Actually your Vtiger CRM will interact/communicate to your MS Outlook Desktop application with the help of MS Outlook Plugin.

There are other Vtiger Plugins that are under development and we are trying our best to add some few more as soon as possible.