Integrating Vtiger Magento

Vtiger Magento eCommerce Solution

One of the most suggested and important integration for any eCommerce website which has reached the mid size segment or is looking forward to achieving that level is the integration between Vtiger and Magento. Magento being rock-solid eCommerce platform is well complemented by Vtiger as a CRM on similar lines if integrated as one.

Vtiger Magento Integration

vtiger magento integration

A CRM like Vtiger helps an eCommerce business to give more rights to its employees specially working at various hierarchy levels with different profiles and roles. Whereas an eCommerce platform like Magento often falls short to deliver similar type of facility. Integrating Vtiger with Magento just makes this experience more user friendly for all such people involved.

Said that, the integration might require a VPS or a dedicated server. Shared hosts often do not support such developments and even if they do they might withdraw at some point.

vtiger magento integration

If you have a budget of USD1500 we will be glad to know more on your requirements. The modules you want us to integrate. Talking about the modules that need to be integrated between Vtiger and Magento, the fields on both Vtiger and Magento should have same names so that it is easy to identify the mapping between them.

We are a custom software development company and therefore its not possible to store and maintain demos of integrations on such complex jobs. Moreover every year there are hundreds of new versions launched clubbed together by each such open source softwares which makes no sense to keep ready demos. So simply lets hear about your requirement and we will get it done.