Event Management Software Features

Web Based Event Management Software and the features included:

Besides having a Web Based Event Management Software the features play an important role in meeting your expectations from a Software for Events. We have maintained a straight forward, easy to use and web based approach to meet your requirements.

Events Manager, Software for Events

event management software features

1] Calendar centric development allows you to instantly click on a date and start adding details of the Event and Client related to it.

2] Easily manage the Inventory used for the events by adding and allotting it in a proper distribution throughout multiple clients.

3] Maintain client records for past/current and future events.

4] Calendar Module helps in avoiding duplicate event bookings for the same time and date.

5] Attach all the important documents related to each event or each client.

6] Pull individual or combined Reports for a month or a year to get greater insights into business process.

7] Since its Web Based Event Management Software create multiple locations and multiple users. Set roles and profiles for each of them.

8] Maintain hierarchy level between the users and use the assign task manager to assign jobs to each one of them.

9] Give the power to each users to push tasks between them in case of emergency.

The best part of our Web Based Event Management Software is that its the only event management open source software that can be customized by even a common man who knows nothing about coding. Yes, almost 50% of the customization can be done by anybody who puts some time using the admin settings.