How to Use Event Management Software

How to Use the system as a Corporate Event Management Software:

As a Corporate Event Management Software you can easily manage multiple clients & inventory. The Calendar Module helps to avoid duplicate entries related to all the events, clients, inventories and beyond.

1] Clients

Add all your corporate client details following the screen shot below.

Event Software

event management software clients

2] Booking Calendar makes the Corporate Event Management Software more powerful

Event Software

event management software calendar

Booking Calendar tab gives you the option to either create a new event or check all the existing events.  After clicking on the Create Event option you will see a calendar view wherein you can go, select, your desired date slot and click on the plus icon. It will display you a popup wherein you need to type all the essential details and also set the reminders, repeat reminders and in ‘Related To’ you need to select a client for whom you are creating this event. Further you can select the contacts in Contacts box situated at the bottom of the popup. And then save it. Now as you have created and saved the new event for a specific date you will see this event in that date box as an alert. In similar fashion you can add more additional details as you reach on this newly created events detail view page.

3] Company/Contact Management

Event Software

event management software contact

Add all type of contacts related to your Company(e.g. employees), Business(e.g Lawyers or Consultants) or Clients.

4] Images/Floor Plans

Event Software

event management software floors

Add important images for the event, different plan and floor plans. Just how a Corporate Event Management Software should help you organize.

5] Documents

Event Software

event management software docs

Documents module displays the list of all the documents that are uploaded in the Open Source Event Management Software CRM. The documents can be grouped in different folders according to your specifications.  You can directly create documents by clicking on plus icon. You can also create documents by clicking on Add Document button in related records of modules like Leads, Opportunities, Organizations, Contacts etc.  You can configure the size of the file that can be uploaded by using Configuration Editor. It is set to 3 MB by default. The maximum upload size is 5 MB.  In the create view of the document, the check-box Active should be enabled otherwise, users won’t be able to download the file attached.

6] Reports

Event Software

event management software reports

Create various reports to check your monthly sales volume, lead generation, lead conversion and many other things which will give you the idea about your business movements for a specific month or year as per your requirement.