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Open Source Student Information System Features

We are the only Open Source Student Information System software vendor with a software that can manage multiple branches or franchisees of a business. Its a Web Based Student Information System and listed below are the features available in the admin area.

Admin Area Open Source Student Information System Features: –

Users – Create/Manage Users who will access the system
Roles – Set up hierarchy of Roles and assign to the Users
Profiles – Manage User specific modules access to different Roles
Groups – Manage different types of teams based on Roles, Users and Profiles
Sharing Access – Manage module sharing rules and custom sharing rules
Fields Access – Define global field level access in each module
Audit Trails – Display data operations performed by Users
User Login History – Display login history of Users
Module Manager – Manage Module behavior inside the system
Picklist Editor – Customize picklist values in each module
Picklist dependency setup – Setup dependency between Picklist values in each module
Menu Editor – Customize Menu sequence of the Open Source Student Information System
Mail Merge – Manage templates for Mail Merging
Notification Schedulers – Manage Notifications that will alert in case of important actions
Inventory Notifications – Change Settings of Inventory related notifications
Email Templates – Manage templates for Email Module
Company Details – Specify business address of company
Currencies – Manage international currencies and exchange rates
Tax Calculations – Manage taxes and the corresponding tax rates
Proxy Server – Configure proxies to access RSS feeds through Internet
Outgoing Server – Configure Outgoing Mail Server details
Announcements – Manage company wide announcements
Backup Server – Specify database backup server details
Default Module View – Set Default Detail View for All Modules
Inventory: Terms & Conditions – Specify Terms and Conditions for Quotes, Orders, and Invoices
Customize Record Numbering – Module Entity Number customization
Mail Converter – Configure mailbox for scanning
Workflows – Create and edit workflows
Configuration editor – Update configuration file of the application
ModTracker – Select modules for tracking
Scheduler – Allows you to Configure Cron Task
Webforms – Allows you to manage Webforms
Customer Portal – Allows you to Configure Customer Portal Plugin