Vtiger Desktop Version

Vtiger Desktop Version

Have you ever wished that Vtiger should have had a desktop version too? Yes many of you might have thought so at some point or other as its very common to have lost access to the Vtiger CRM due to loss of internet connectivity. So what do you do when you have lost internet connection? What happens to all that work that you were actively working on? Those calls that you were registering in real time when you customer is on phone with you? What happens to that? So you get saving that data offline either into excel or word, right? Now that is adding up as a rework which is not leaving you happy. So what you are currently doing is once you are back connected to the internet you are once again punching the data to your Vtiger Web version.

All that and a lot more pain can be avoided by simply getting a custom desktop version developed which syncs automatically with the vtiger web version and saves you from the rework of reentering the data into the vtiger web based version once again.

The objective is to achieve the Vtiger admin to have a Desktop model access and the other about having multiple users vtiger desktop version which works for all the respective users irrespective of their Roles, Profiles and Groups. Clubed these together and we have that perfect system to manage large volume of data and also to maximize on Users. Yes, we have tested and implemented such development for about 620 users.

We have also noticed that many companies start loosing on potential growth just because vtiger web client cannot handle the requests coming from the user base increases. The Vtiger Desktop version is a solution to this problem. It balances the load in offline and syncs seamlessly with the vtiger web based client at regular intervals and thus helps the web client avoid session time hang ups. This makes sure that the web client does not freeze just because there are many users logged into it at the same time.

So no need to abandon Vtiger anymore, a system so dear to you just because it cannot grow with your company growth. The Custom Desktop Version is the answer to it. This development will surely prove more rewarding and will avoid the frustration of considering a shift to a newer crm company.

Contact us if your budget is more than USD25000 to get this custom development for you. We’d love to see your current system and give you a quote accordingly.