SugarCRM Desktop Version

SugarCRM Desktop Version

So you have multiple staff working within your organization and all access the web version of the SugarCRM. Many times you might have felt the need to have a SugarCRM Desktop Version to work things offline to fasten the process speed in comparison to the Sugar Web Version or just to use the system when there is an internet network drop.

So here is some good news for you. We have custom developed Sugar Desktop Version for many clients. The development is done keeping in mind the clients already customized web instance which syncs with the Sugar Desktop Version almost seamlessly.

This methodology has also proven good to help the companies using the SugarCRM Web based version to multiply on adding more users (we have just tested it good with 570 users and it worked great) without the system getting hung up. So if your organization love the SugarCRM but is considering to make a shift to a more dynamic system from other companies, you dont need to go that extra long mile anymore. Just chill and we can get the things working for you without disturbing your current development. All said, this advancement will get you that extra edge of using your current system and saving on cost and avoiding the frustration of moving to a new system that you just hate to do.

If your budget is more than USD25000 then you are at the right place and you can share your Sugar Web Based version details for us to inspect and quote for you to get the Sugar Desktop Version developed.