Web plus Desktop CRM

Web plus Desktop CRM

After years of research and development we are excited to offer our services of Custom Desktop CRMs that are developed over the available free and open source crm applications.

Yes, you read it right. If you have any Web based CRM and are facing issues when you are offline. You cant access the web based crm anymore. This is where we come in. By getting its Desktop Version developed you will still be able to work offline and auto sync that data when you get internet connectivity.

Secondly it also help those companies who have embraced the web based crms and have grown in its user base. Growth in user base puts the web based CRMs hung up or makes it really slow for the data to load. In such cases too the desktop version makes it easier for the internal staff working in the office work offline with ease and connect the data in regular intervals to update the web based version.

We have been currently serving clients all over the world to get their Vtiger Desktop Version and SugarCRM Desktop Version. If you wish to get something like this and are using any of the two then you can click on either and check for more information or else just let us know if you are using something else and we will be glad to discuss the further possibilities.