Customize Vtiger CRM, Customize SugarCRM

Customize Vtiger CRM, Customize SugarCRM all by yourself or fill up the form at Request a Quote and we will do it for you.

You read it right! These CRMs are one of the most robust and widely used reliable free open sources. Now since they are free so why not use them as a replacement to the complex Excel spread sheets? That’s just in case if you are still using Excel to manage your company operations. You need to hire a crm developer to customize Vtiger CRM or customize SugarCRM for your company.  But with us there is more to it than just getting it developed by a developer. With us you get the opportunity to actually customize the CRM all by yourself and this opportunity really proves good in your interest. True, keep on reading. By following the CRM customization documentation provided at our website and using the admin privileges and features bundled within it, you can customize CRM application all by your self on the available Demo. This way you get the freedom to experiment with it before coming to us with customization request and this brings the over all development cost down to about 30%. Many clients come to us asking what is a CRM all about? And isn’t it too costly to invest in a CRM setup? Or just how will their business benefit if they start using one? No more confusions now – we just made it quite simple and reasonable. Simply subscribe to our USD8/month* Vtiger CRM plan with us from the page at Installing Software and start customizing it using the documentation above until you are 100% familiar with it. Our experiences are that almost all of the clients following this process get about 20% to 30% customization done all by themselves meanwhile also getting a thorough understanding on what a CRM is all about. Therefore they are in a good position to instruct us with their further custom requirement. Thus saving on cost and frustrations.

So how does this all work? Once you buy your Vtiger CRM instance with us your account is ready with the set up of your very own Customer Relation Management Application(CRM). You can now start customizing it with the help of the tutorials/documents available to support it. Remember just when you are done doing your part and wish to involve us to customize/integrate the CRM further then please fill up the form at Request a Quote page. But before you do that you will need to prepare a wire frame/document describing in detail your actual requirement. We will study it and reply as soon as possible with the exact time frame it will require to get your job done and the fixed price we will charge for it.

Personalization: CRM Customize on Your Own

Various extensibility and customization features enable administrators/you to customize CRM to meet the needs of a growing business. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Adding custom fields in forms and reports
  • Dragging & dropping tabs to emulate unique sales processes
  • Specifying allowed values in drop-down fields
  • Changing the user interface’s look and feel using customizable themes
  • Various Add-ons to extend functionality and interface with other products
  • APIs for integration with other applications
  • Freedom to modify installations to meet unique business needs

Click here to start customizing CRM on your own.

Above link will explain you that how you can manage your CRM to make it work for you in a best and most efficient way. It gives you the facility to set your company details with logo and which will be displayed on your front end and back end CRM system. As well these company details will be displayed on all your outgoing invoices.

Also you can make User accounts for your employees, make their Profiles, Roles, User Groups, give them appropriate privileges so that they can have different rights to use the CRM, give them required sharing access so that users can share their clients or contacts details with other users. You can even track all your users activity using audit trails and even see the users login history as when they logged in and when they logged out.

In this CRM you have a facility to configure your email id for incoming emails and outgoing emails. You can configure your Gmail, Yahoo or any other email account as per your wish and need.

There are many other settings than mentioned above which will set your CRM in a better way to best use of it. Go through the above link and experience all the CRM Settings options.